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Speedy Solutions is committed to the ongoing development of Digital Document Management solutions that enable companies and business professionals to increase the efficiency, accuracy, reliability and security of one of its most valuable assets Their documentation and information processes. Speedy Solutions Inc. was established in 2003 and has been developing and distributing products designed to provide both an affordable and practical approach to implementation of a paperless office environment.


Simplicity and ease of use!


We believe that in the area of digital document management it is imperative that any system has to be able to be used by everyone. Simplicity and ease of use is the key. We have always filed and retrieved our paper business documents in desks, file cabinets and offices. With all the deficiencies that paper filing systems have in today's electronic world, paper filing was and continues to be both reliable and most of all easy to use. In a digital world those basic tenets should not be compromised.




As business people we also recognize that the digital world is a world of ever increasing demand for the correct information more quickly. Speedy Organizer products allows you the freedom and choice of where your documents can be stored, on your local computer, on a server, on a network storage device or anywhere in the cloud including Google Docs and Microsoft One Drive. Freedom and Choice are important and Speedy Organizer provides you the flexibility that you need to store your documents where you need.




Speedy Solutions products provide significant value by leveraging off the technology investment that small businesses have already made. It provides a comprehensive digital document management solution that is easy to learn and even easier to use. Our clients begin to derive real benefit in just a few hours.



For additional information and documentation or simply get an answer to your questions about Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" and the enterprise versions contact SPEEDY SOLUTIONS directly at 866-369-8479 or send an email to sales@speedyorganizer.com.