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These are just a few of the many benefits of how Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" increases interaction with clients.  
Kelly Lieb, who works for Anson Environmental Ltd, notes the increased speed and accuracy of response that Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" allows them." It's convenient. It's fast. We can do things NOW instead of days later.The speed of communication is important not just for outside clients, but for internal productivity as well.



Allstate Roman Insurance Agency and Arnold Arguello Insurance

Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" has dramatically improved customer service" says Roman Agency of New York. "I wanted to have faster accessibility to documents and a better more cost effective way of storing them" With Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows"  we have accomplished all of our goals."We store all the documents you would find in an insurance agency, including endorsements, applications and other policy related documents. When a customer calls we can access the document in seconds and answer their questions in a matter of minutes. We can even just email it to them right there at our desk. We can accomplish in one phone call what may well have taken several hours. Finding the document in a file cabinet, faxing it and then returning the document to the cabinet at sometime. You can't beat the improved cost of servicing the client." states Dion. A much happier client with reduced cost of support. Gina Alvarado from Arnoldo Arguello Insurance Agency, Miami, Florida had similar goals and is accomplishing them very effectively with Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows". Her main priority was to be able to archive old documents that were being destroyed due to lack of storage space. On the subject of Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows", Gina says "I picked Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" based on the service and price" Gina explains further, "We evaluated competitive products and Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" provided very good customer service and all the other products were more expensive." With Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" we can still contact and follow up with old customers and have the same information at hand just the same as with current clients" says Gina.


William Conley Law Firm

This law firm consists of one lawyer and an office staff of 4, this is not a small firm by any means. They generate many cases and have a constant backlog of work. The paper was overwhelming everyone at the company. The owner, who purchased the solution, knew by going paperless the company would become more organized and gain better control over the documents coming into the office. Now with the Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" software, the process now is to scan critical documents and immediately store them electronically using the Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" System. The owners states " we have seen our office become more organized and we have to rely less on paper records. This is the way the office should run."


Dr. Rotman Medical Practitioner

This medical practitioner wanted a complete solution for their medical office. They already had in place a medical EMR solution but this did not cover other paper flows such as bills, insurance information, billing data and historical charts. Along with a scanner they put in place a way to digitize the billing records so that a third party provider could gain access to them each day for outsourced medical billing solution. The Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" was used to store all of this information by date so if necessary they could get back onto the information immediately if a bill was disputed or needed further backup. The office also stores all bank, financial, medical equipment records, research material so that it can be retrieved by a simple keyword - even searching the text inside the documents.


Vance County Department of Social Services

What was the process before you started using Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows"? We were stockpiling records; there was a scanning program before I came that was now inaccessible. It was obsolete and the replacement software was very expensive. How many staff use this solution? 4 scan and around 80 access the electronic documents. How has Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" improved the way you store documents? It has allowed us to resume scanning in a very expedient fashion. We are clearing out office space as a result of being able to destroy paper records. How are you using the solution? We're storing client files in order to destroy them. Would you recommend this solution to others? No doubt. How was your overall experience with Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows"? Great. If you could improve the solution or alter it how would you do that? None. What would you guesstimate the cost savings to your organization will be per year by using the Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" multi user solution? Over the old paper based filing system, we have a monthly fee for the P.O.D. we rent at $100 per month, but the real savings is in time getting the documents we need. Any comments - Thanks for your excellent customer service and a product that's very user friendly and easy to navigate.



Time savings add up to cost saving's with the Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows"

The Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" allows Gary Bradley of Surety Support Services to drastically reduce expensive storage space for files that must be kept for ten years. Our clients are thrilled that their paper and toner expenses, office supplies for filing folders, labels, and storage boxes have been significantly reduced. Imagine the postage savings alone when a company can email documents directly instead of photocopy and mail hundreds of multi-sheet documents each year.When those documents are e-mailed they get there quicker and for free states Gary.



FMC Manufacturing

Designs by FMC is one of the largest Jewelry manufacturers providing products to companies such as Macy's, Target, Walmart, and Kmart. The company has many departments which are heavily paper based including Accounting, Human Resources, Bidding and Purchasing. The company installed the Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" along with 7 desktop scanners. Each department can scan, index and store information on how they want to retrieve it. Now instead of storing all of this information on site they can just keyword search and view, print or email electronic PDF documents. The IT Manager at the company estimates they obtained a return on investment in less than 4 months due to the increased efficiency of the processes.


Blumberg Machinery Distribution Company

Blumberg Machinery Company has been in the business of buying and selling used metalworking industrial machinery since 2005. We implemented the Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" Document Management System because we needed an electronic means of storing paperwork pertaining to inventory items. After evaluating several products, we decided to go with Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" because it was affordable and simple to use. Another benefit to using the software is that it compresses the data, therefore with over 1000 records; we are only using 190 MB of storage space. We have the software running on Microsoft SBS,  Administration is easy, and user rights can be set up with a click of the mouse. Overall, we are very satisfied with the software and recommend it to any business that needs a database for storing digital documents.


Sparetime Clubs

Sparetime Clubs operates 14 health and fitness locations with thousands of employees who are forever changing. They need a solution to manage their human resource records, you can imagine the space that 5,000 plus employee files take up. They purchased  desktop scanners and the Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" multi user solution. They changed all of their paper based records to PDF and now store them in a searchable database, now they can immediately locate records and add additional records into them as needed and the file is immediately updated. No more file cabinet searching or lost files!



LaFollette Tenessee Utility Company

The La Follette Utilities Board (LUB) is a municipality-owned electrical power distributor, water and wastewater utility, owned by the City of La Follette, Tennessee. LUB serves approximately 22,005 electric, 9,650 water, and 3,639 wastewater customers in portions of Campbell, Claiborne, and Union Counties. The documents they are dealing with in this process are work orders, service receipts and repair orders. These documents had been historically stored in file cabinets. When someone needed to view one of these documents they had to go the file cabinet and pull out the document then later the document would have to be re-filed. Many times in the old process the documents would invariably be misfiled. Once the document is created they use Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" multi user to catalog, index and archive the document so it can be shared across the network. For example, if the document is a service order for manhole covers, they would index the document by these indexes (service order, manhole cover, 2010). The Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" multi user is installed on all workstations so those users who need to search for a specific type of document can just use a drop down list to find the document they are looking for and another drop down list for year to filter for the specific document they need. Running Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" on a Microsoft SBS Server,  all of the hardware existed and they were not required to upgrade or purchase any new equipment as part of this document management system project. Allen Elkins, IT Manager, states The cost savings are considerable with the new system. User can now find documents faster which means we are answering customer and internal requests much faster. Because the documents access is now menu driven there is no ramp up time to teach new users how the system works. We wanted a simple way to share documents across the organization one that an administrator could control.



If you've ever felt like your staff needs more time to get work done then you'd benefit from Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows"


"I save about 2 hours per day because I no longer have to file, copy, address envelopes, and attach postage to piles of documents everyday,says Raquel Rivera of John Moran Accounting.


"Anna Sierra who works in the payroll department for Spare Time, Inc., a 14 unit 1,500 person Fitness Chain concurs.  We save a minimum of 3-4 hours per week in part-time help in just the filing and pulling of documents.


Aaron Rotman MD, "The product is easy to load. It has a very easy learning curve so that my entire staff is able to use it. It makes paperless organization a breeze reducing frustration and down time. Valuable real estate has been freed in my office and my home with this product. Support is excellent."


Surety Support Services Bonding Surety Insurance Company

Surety Support Services Company provides bonding insurance which services construction companies. The Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" Document Management System is used with a Ricoh Digital Copier. Surety Support needed a secure way to electronically store information so that it could be archived an retrieved for ten years. Gary Bradley reviewed many different software but chose Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" because of the security features and price. They have been using the solution for 3 years and have recently upgraded to the newest Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows".  Speedy Solutions is fantastic and very helpful, always right on top of the situation, says Gary Bradley.


Conserv Construction General Contractor

Conserv Construction is based in a suburb of New York City they are building contractors involved in the construction of industrial buildings and warehouses, high end residential construction and heavy highway governmental projects. They needed a solution to manage the never ending flow of paper based information coming into their organization such as accounts payable, bid information, project information, equipment repair orders and human resource records. Now when a document comes in it is scanned and stored using the Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" Software. When they need to find a document they can search by project name, project address, project number, record type, year or by project manager. Trish at Conserv states "this is a very simple solution to use and it has streamlined our company, we are much more organized since installing the Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows".


4220 Corp Commercial Real Estate Owner

4220 Corp is a commercial real estate owner with multiple commercial properties. The company sought out a solution to digitize their paper based records which consisted of leases, tax information, partnership agreements, environmental records, survey and building information, property tax records, insurance information and mortgage and general financial and accounting records. Now as each paper based record comes in the scanner is used to convert it into a PDF document. After that step is complete the Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" indexes each documents associating it with the Corporate name of the property, address of property, year, date, records type. Now when a document has to be located the company can just select property name and next what record they are looking for and it is viewable and printable as a PDF record.


Anson Environmental Services

Anson Environmental is a leading environmental services company providing environmental services to Real Estate, Private Property Owners and Government. The law was requiring them to submit all of their environmental reports in PDF format. They needed a solution to quickly convert information (paper) to PDF format and store it so that it could easily be located later. With the Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" System they immediately organized their work environment with a better system. When someone is looking for a report they just type in a keyword - as a result they have reduced all of the soft cost expenses at the company including overnight mailing and printing.


Nunn Allstate Insurance Agency

Nunn Insurance is based in Aiken, South Carolina and exclusively represents the Allstate Insurance Company in the area. It has done so far more than 20 years providing both financial and insurance products to it's clients and the organization prides itself on striving to be the best in servicing and supporting it's clients. Located between Columbia, SC and Augusta GA it's clients can be assured that they are definitely in good hands. I recently spent some time talking to Kimberly Hildebrand  to see how they were progressing with their project of converting their office paper documents and forms over to digital. Kimberly is the agencies client service representative and is responsible for this project and is also directly responsible for maintaining the best possible service to the agencies clients. The agency has 3 people in the office and 5 computers. One computer acts as a data server to the rest of the computers on each of their desks. Any one person can and will actually take an incoming client call so having key documents available to everyone was important.


In her words, Kimberly says We have had Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" for about 5 months and when you take out the time for the Holidays and New Year we have still managed to convert over 2000 endorsement forms that are now available on everybody's desktop for immediate referral when a client calls. This is pretty amazing when you consider we do the conversion in our spare time, an hour here and there at the end of a day. The fact that Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" multi user is so easy to use and learn has meant that we can easily stop and start whenever we want. She explains further, Digital documents are the way to go as far as significantly improving client service and support and we have the added benefit of significantly improving our entire offices efficiency and productivity. We are not getting up and down from our desks and running around looking for previous endorsements to respond to each clients request. The forms are right there on our desktop all the time. In response to my question regarding the use of email Kimberly says, In about half of our client requests, generally with our younger clients, we can send the document or form directly to them via email from within Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" multi user while we are still on the phone. The older clients just haven't got into email as much as say people under 50 and they pretty much expect that you can do it. Kimberly continues - we can also email the same information to our underwriting department as proof. Before we had Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" multi user we would have had to fill out cover sheets and fax the paper material to both the client and underwriting. Now we can fulfill requests in a matter of minutes rather than hours and save lots of time to. In my conversation with Kimberly she also explained that the agency handled about a 100 client requests a week, which resulted in the need to find a form or paper document. In this agencies case it was mostly an endorsement form. Kimberly stated, it is important to start with one project at a time and in our case the priority was the endorsement form, and we loaded the most recent years client endorsement forms. Once that was completed we moved onto additional projects. We continued the process of conversion by putting all the most recent and new business quotes, new business applications and basically anything that has to be kept on file for clients into Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" multi user. We still have 10 to 15 file cabinets to go, but if you take each project on a pre-determined priority basis then it is not such a daunting task. Conversely, if we had continued to do nothing you can be certain those file cabinets would grow in number over the coming years. The longer it is left the harder it will be to convert to digital and more of our clients particularly the new ones will continue to demand this type of service.


Stratford School District ISD

Stratford School District ISD is located in North East Texas some 75 miles north of Amarillo Texas and you can't go much further North without leaving Texas. Stratford School District ISD manages all the needs of a comprehensive school district. With over 400 computers in the district Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" multi user was selected for its ease of use and the power of it's networking facility. Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" multi user will initially be operating on about twenty of those networked computers and will initially handle all the purchase order and invoice processing for the district. They had been responding to a Texas state mandate to move towards digital document management by creating PDFs and eliminating the traditional paper purchase orders and then receiving and creating PDF invoices from its suppliers instead of paper. The process started some while ago and it became obvious that as several hundred documents had been loaded that it was becoming difficult to locate specific invoices or purchase orders in a timely manner using just the Windows file structures. Storing the actual PDF documents in a windows file structure alone cannot provide the necessary indexes and keys to easily retrieve a single document within many. In addition, the more documents you store then the longer the retrieval process will be. Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" multi user allows a user to easily define simple indexes and keys when storing a digital document. This always ensures that when retrieving a single document within the many that you can always find it within a matter of seconds, regardless of how many documents are stored. Stratford School District selected Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" multi user to resolve this issue. Now they are half way thru adding supplier invoices and the districts purchase orders and these documents can now be accessed from the 20 odd computers assigned to this function with a matter of seconds. Reconciliation of original purchase orders against invoices is now a function that can be completed from a desktop without staff having to do a physical paper search for the documents previously stored in file cabinets around the office. This obviously saves an enormous amount of time and effort and increases the efficiency of personnel and obviously the departments overall performance to the school district. Lynette Kautz, the Business Manager at Stratford School District understands very well the entire operational elements of the school district, it's overall objectives and the business of education. She states "The addition of Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" multi user to significantly improve our ability to move towards a completely digital process for our invoicing and purchase order processing has really helped." Lynette says "Sometimes the smaller invoices can jam in the scanner and thats a pain, but Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" multi user itself is working great. We are very pleased with how Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" multi user has added the functionality that we needed. It will really help us to realize our goal of making this whole process digital." She further adds "It is so easy to learn and even easier to use. We could not have completed this process by using a scanner and just the standard Windows file structures. "You need a technology like Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" multi user that replicates the traditional disciplines of manual paper filing on the computer. So that you can easily retrieve stored documents in a matter of seconds, regardless of the amount of documents stored." Lynette closes by saying "Digital document management is very important to the district." This current pilot project is not what I would consider business critical. However, it is fully expected that Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" multi user will be further utilized as demand for the need to electronically transfer student records via the Internet grows. Stratford School District ISD agrees with and takes very seriously the Texas State mandate to digitize documents and electronically distribute them and Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" multi user will help us with this goal."


Lower Valley Ambulance Service

Lower Valley Ambulance Service is located in Cheswick, PA a stones throw from the banks of the Allegheny river about 15 miles North East of Pittsburgh. Established in 1973, Lower Valley Ambulance services five different communities 24 hours a day 7 days a week using five ambulances with twenty five EMT technicians and paramedics on staff. The emergency call rate that actually results in an ambulance being dispatched are about 10 a day and it very often exceeds that amount. The organization is dedicated to providing the community it serves with the best possible emergency medical care available. They are able to accomplish this goal everyday because of a single focus by both the medical and all the support staff operating as one team all of the time. When Seenie Carlisle purchased Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" multi user to handle its patient records as they went digital and began a process of compliance with the recently passed HIPPA Hitech act, she knew it was just what Lower Valley Ambulance Service needed. What she didn't know was how easy it was to use, how easy it was to train administration staff and how quickly she could accomplish her goals.


Seenie says We purchased Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" multi user early May and we went live about 3 weeks later on June 1st with the new system which now creates digital documents of all the EMT and paramedic trip reports. Each technician has to file a trip report when they have been dispatched to an emergency call. This trip sheet contains patient health records, patient health information as relates to the specific treatment as well as patient personal information like location, demographics and things like insurance carrier information and so on. This information has historically been stored in file cabinets in a paper form for as long as we have been around. We are by law required to retain this information for a minimum of 10 years and even longer in the case of minors. Now all this information will be stored digitally with Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" multi user. The implementation of the new system, which became operational on June 1st 2010, stores all new trip reports by the medical technicians digitally using Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" multi user. Seenie is also back loading and scanning the old paper documents back to January 1 into Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" multi user. Prior to 2010 the older paper documents will then be transported to off-site long-term storage in compliance with HIPPA patient record storage procedures. 95% of their ongoing requests for information by patients, insurance carriers and so on occur within the current 12 months so this type of implementation works great for Lower Valley Ambulance Service.


Currently Lower Valley Ambulance Service has 5 or 6 users of the new system but it is fully expected that more will be added as additional business operations are targeted for going paperless. This first experience with Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" multi user has dramatically reduced paperwork and by not having to look for information stored in file cabinets it's much more efficient. Staff that are using the new system are also operating much more efficiently now that the information is available in a matter of seconds on their desktops, often while on the phone with patients or insurance providers. Prior to June 1st they would spend much of their day looking for the information needed to respond to different requests.


In addition, Lower Valley Ambulance Service has moved its patient billing records and payment history files over to Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" multi user along with our purchase order processing which includes digital copies of bills and checks paid. The paperwork was again stored in file cabinets and it often required multiple documents to reconcile records. Now that these documents are stored using Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" multi user it is so much more efficient to reconcile and be current with all outstanding issues. Having this information available in seconds on the desktop makes it so much easier to deal with insurance carriers and patient's queries. We can even email the information and send copies of bills or trip information while on the phone with the carrier or patient. Since Lower Valley Ambulance Service is a not for profit organization it is run by a board of directors that represent the community it serves and even they store all the documents created at monthly board meetings digitally. Seenie says We are not done yet. My next project is to digitize our payroll reports and to put all employee personnel records and the information on employee health on to the system as well.


Storing documents in Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" multi user provides a new higher level of security much improved over the storage of paper documents, which because of the sensitive nature of the information had to be stored in a locked room and locked file cabinets. Storing this information in paper form also ran the risk of it possible being destroyed by even a minor natural event. Now all the information is backed up and stored offsite at another physical location through our normal data backup procedures.


Seenie will tell anyone that asks, The new system with Speedy Organizer "The Digital File Cabinet for Windows" multi user managing our digital documents has revolutionized the way we operate in our office. I wish we had this 5 years ago!


A final comment! Small and medium sized businesses and organizations are in many cases under utilizing the investment they have already made in technology. Many of the personal computers already installed on desk tops have significant unused processing power and are often used for tasks not much more complex than word processing or single function applications. This certainly is not the case with Lower Valley Ambulance Services who utilize all their computer technology to the fullest. Simply reviewing and better utilizing the existing technology and processing power that is already available can significantly improve the overall efficiency and competitiveness of any organization. A very cost effective way of doing this is to consider the concept of digital documents one business process or application at a time. The benefits are enormous for little or no additional investment in technology.

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